Leslie Nayibe

CEO / Mexican Relations

Leslie is a UI/UX Designer based in Monterrey, Mexico, she attended Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education and has studies on Mechanical Engineering. Since 2008 she started working and focusing on User Interfaces working on several projects for clients around the world primarily from Netherlands, United States, London, Germany and Mexico. She has also participated with other companies as part of their teams helping them building User Interfaces, User Experience and Usability for several Web and Mobile products. She is fluent in Spanish, English and actually is studying German at a basic level.

On 2010 she founded Colectivo Labs a digital agency in based in Monterrey Mexico, since then she has been leading the Design Team, she is also in charge of the Project Management and Client Relations. With Colectivo Labs she primarily has been working with entrepreneurs, small companies and government projects. Most of the entrepreneurs based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Monterrey, Mexico.

Leslie also provides consultation to private companies, government, universities and entrepreneurs to build their digital products and define their business model. She collaborated helping students of Monterrey University, to build projects from government funding. She has also participated as a mentor in different kind of events like Angel Hack and is an active member at CANIETI – National Chamber for Telecommunications, Electronics and Information Technologies (Northern Mexico, Monterrey Chapter).

Her areas of expertise are user experience strategies, UI/UX Design, Usability, Mobile and Web interfaces, content management, information architecture for user level, project management, client relations, and business management. She is also involved as a external consultant for an intellectual property and corporate law firm, helping the attorneys hand by hand on digital matters for legal counselling.

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